Environmentally friendly antimicrobial technology protects against 99% of the harmful bacteria.Made of high-quality pvc raw materials from germany, waterproofed, durable and health-friendly.Family games, outdoor games, kid’s toy, magic props, etc.

whether its plastic poker cards or plastic bridge cards that you use in your game, we always advise that you select a product that is plastic. A card that is plastic will conservatively last 20 to 50 times longer than a plastic coated playing card. Wjpcc plastic playing cards will not be marked, dented, or crimped under normal playing conditions, preventing accidental marking, and they are washable that giving your decks that brand new fresh look for years. Plastic playing cards are a pleasure to deal, they slide across the table felt easily which add a professional sense of quality to your game. Wjpc plastic playing cards are mark resistant, durable, flexible, shuffle effortlessly and deal with ease. They make your game run efficiently and are the best economic solution to playing cards.








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