Ideal for office, outing, car rides and picnics, there is no fixed size for a card game set and most of the sizes are customized one, each specific card game has it own rules. wjpcc has printed and produced many famous game cards with several kinds of special technique. For example uv printing, spot uv, laser film laminated, spot gold/silver foil and gold/silver edging etc. 300/350/400gsm art paper is a good paper choice for game cards, matte lamination makes cards durable and child-friendly. Perhaps you need some coins, bits, and instruction to help to play the game, these components are made by environmentally friendly material.

There are many kinds of boxes for game cards, lid & bottom box, drawer box, flip box, tuck box, hanger box, tin box, and plastic box. Wjpcc is a professional card game maker.








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