Casino Playing Cards With Black Core Paper

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POST ON:2019-11-13

Casino playing cards with black core Paper is primarily used for high-end salons, entertainment venues, high-level competitions, such as Macao entertainment venues, the Philippines, Las Vegas, and so on, some high-end bridge clubs will also customize black core paper advertising poker, the most representative is the American bee poker. Many people on the black core paper CARDS are very unfamiliar, here to give you a simple introduction.

Blake core Paper middle broke the core layer is black interlining and primary intention is to prevent the pervious to light, prevent cheating, because this paper due to special paper, valuable raw materials, to poker flexibility and feel very good, coupled with its high capital, selected one of the reasons for this paper is entertainment

Each casino deck has its own secretive past. If only they could talk! Crisp colors, stunning logos and great feel make this real deck desirable for every collection. Cheating in casinos are intolerable and prohibited by gambling control authorities. To prevent people who may be tempted to gain an unfair advantage, WJPC prints excellent casino playing cards which made of German master quality card stock with black core center layer inside. The deep air pockets trap air for excellent handling and card decks can remain same after shuffling, riffling or any normal use. Black core inside can avoid the suit&number be seen through from opposite side or under light. If you customized casino playing cards from us, we will never show or sell your cards to any third party. All the casino playing cards will be sent out to our direct clients, or we will store or destroy the rest as requested to avoid any cheating happen by using our cards.

Recommended Material Options: 300/310gsm German master quality card stock with black core center layer (linen air finish)

At present, the domestic can customize the production of black-core paper poker manufacturers are few, the quality is also intermingled, and its paper capital is expensive, policy customer base sparse, so most manufacturers even with the production of this poker manufacturing process, but also because there is no standing stock and abandon such orders.And seize the opportunity, we wangjing poker now purchase a lot of imported black core paper stock, customize black core paper CARDS for the general needs of clients, if you are looking for manufacturers that can come to my house, we can customize the customer’s logo, custom barcode, customize various practices of scale and so on.

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