Four elements in TAROT CARDS

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POST ON:2019-11-13

As we know, the tarot is associated with four elements, including four groups of small arcana mace, swords, the holy grail, collectibles, respectively corresponding to fire, wind, water, soil four elements, major arcana character card also and at the same time, the four elements as early as the western occult existed in the system, in the west, both in philosophy, religion and the magic is the basic beliefs, today I will give you details about four elements.

It is said that the universe was single at the very beginning, but it is difficult for people to understand this single nature, so later someone divided the universe into two parts, namely, Yin and Yang.The masculine provides the creative energy, and this duality is interrelated and indispensable.Later, the positive elements were further divided into the elements of wind and fire, while the negative elements were divided into the elements of water and earth. From then on, the duality of the universe was divided into four elements.

Fire is a masculine power. Work, enthusiasm, impulsiveness, and creativity are all synonymous with fire.For example, the emperor in grand akana, strength and temperance represent the element of fire. They are usually full of enthusiasm, optimistic, do not like to be restrained and love independence.In addition to the mace CARDS, fire CARDS include the emperor, power, temperance, tower, sun, and judgment.

Water is the strength of a piece of negative, love, courage, have the courage to take risks, sadness, purify, marriage, happiness is synonymous with water.It represents human interaction, love and intuition, and these people are often subject to emotional ups and downs, like the tides, sometimes up and sometimes down.In addition to the chalice deck, the priestess, chariot, trapeze, death and the moon are all elements of water.

Wind is the element of masculine gender, intelligence, thinking, spread, inspire wait for it pronoun.They tend to do things quickly, like fools, magicians, lovers, justice, and star CARDS

Soil is negative force, grow, healthy, money, unite, conservative wait for the pronoun that is soil element.The earthmen tend to be realists and a very serious thinker.Their plans are methodical, pragmatic and patient.You can’t get them to agree to some crazy or rash plan.In addition to star COINS, tarot CARDS include the queen, the Pope, wheel of destiny, the recluse, the devil and the world.

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