How to choose a deck of playing cards which can not only play games ,but also stay away from viruses?

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POST ON:2020-07-28

Are you bored at home during quarantine? Tired of scrolling through social media?Is there nothing interesting to watch on TV?If you said a “yes” to any of these questions, perhaps, a rousing game of playing cards will pique your interest. But, how to choose a deck of playing cards which can not only play games ,but also stay away from viruses?

Nowadays, the COVID-19 is so serious.Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness while playing cards .Do you need a deck of playing cards that can be waterproof and stain resistant, and also can be disinfected at any time?Then plastic playing cards can help you.

The raw material of plastic playing cards is plastic. Plastic is a synthetic polymer compound , which can also be called macromolecules. It is also commonly called plastics or resins. , You can freely change the body style. It is made of monomer raw materials by synthesis or condensation reaction. It is composed of synthetic resin and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments and other additives.

And we use high quality plastic,it can Anti-fouling and 100% waterproof. If it gets dirty, wash it with water directly to keep the playing cards as new .Also ,it is durable and not easy to fade. You can use alcohol to disinfect before and after use to keep away from viruses .There is no problem to disinfect plastic playing cards with alcohol or disinfectant.Is it very convenient and hygienic?

Not only that, the plastic playing cards are thickened and the surface is frosted, with good touch and not easy to slip .Also it is very good quality and strong. Don’t worry about the smell of plastic, we use odorless ,non-toxic and certified plastic .

In fact, plastic playing cards are resistant to folding and good resilience .It is no problem for cards be bent at any angle .The biggest advantage is plastic playing cards have a long service life and can use of cycles.

If you need plastic playing cards, please feel free to contact us. Wangjing Playing Cards Company provides you with high quality plastic playing cards.

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Number of cards:54 cards



Surface treatment :Glossy varnish