Mirage Deck of Playing Cards

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POST ON:2019-11-13

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$19,017! Achieved a great success on the Kickstarter again, Mirage Deck of Playing Cards, a deck which printed by WJPC. WJPC has become a supplier of choice for many crowdfunding artists because of our rich experience, exquisite technology, complete facilities and professional services.

WJPC is one of the top playing cards printing company in Asia and mirage decks will be printed on the best quality card stock which was favorably reviewed by many magicians and cardists. The Butter Finish makes playing cards last longer, and smooth surface allows you to perform beautiful spreads and fans.

The Mirage deck of playing cards is Kickstarter edition. Meaning, it’s only available through Kickstarter. It won’t be done wholesale for this product so this is the only opportunity you have to get mirage decks.

Main features:

  • Created by 4xpixel, sponsored by Full Custom 52 
  • Full custom deck with unique back design with oriental sensitivity
  • Every court card contains two illustrations in one card. (Total 24 illustrations) 
  • Each of 8 Jokers has a different illustration. 
  • 4 customized aces with illustrations. 
  • 36 number cards are fully customized.
  • Printed by WJPC in Butter Finish.

Mirage Deck of Playing Cards was designed by Full Custom 52, who strived to display oriental style with modern sensitivity. They studied Korean traditional drawings, patterns, weapons, and clothings to create high quality illustrations and back designs. For the last three years, they applied oriental style illustrations into playing cards which were inspired by oriental painting.  Fusing two different cultures is not easy, so it took so much longer than they expected. Throughout the process of sketching to coloring, many modifications were required. Occasionally even scratching the project and starting over to create the perfect design. It wasn’t easy but they overcame all the obstacles in place and eventually completed the art as desired. 

To know more, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fullcustom52/mirage-deck-of-playing-cards/description

Thanks to the butter finish from WJPC, Mirage Deck of Playing Cards can be durable and smooth. For surface treatment, WJPC uses eco-friendly coating and has been striving for excellence. WJPC is devoted himself to printing excellent cardistry playing cards and magic playing cards that are loved by cardists and magicians all over the world.

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