Tarot cards are actually related to playing cards!

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POST ON:2021-01-11

As a Western method of divination, tarot cards are full of mystery, while poker cards are an entertainment method that every household will play. It seems that there is a relationship between the two cards that cannot be played together!

♤General terms of tarot and playing cards:

Sword => spades;

Holy Grail => Hearts;

Pentagram (star coin) => square;

Tree of Life (Scepter) => Plum;

Waiter + Knight => Jack

The Fool => Joker Card (Ghost Card)

Tarot cards are the ancestors of modern playing cards. The cups, rods, stars, and swords in the Tarot cards evolved into symbolic hearts, black plums, diamonds and spades. The 78 cards of tarot cards have also evolved into the 52 cards of modern playing cards. Of the 26 cards that have disappeared, only one remains, which is a ghost or a fool, but it is usually not used in the game. This card, because ghost cards are not very popular.

Why are these twenty-six cards-one-third of all cards-taken away? This question is very important, because 22 of the 26 cards were the most important cards, the “ace”, or “big secret instrument”. Now players must specify another set of cards as The trump card, because the real trump card has been cancelled, who canceled it?

Therefore, the trump card of the tarot really has a special relationship with the sacred parade that expresses the attributes of gods. The parade included idols, masks, disguise, singing and dancing, and fixed gestures, which later evolved into a carnival clown performance. The clown is similar to the ‘fools’ who lead the tarot ace team. The antics performed by the clown is derived from the Italian word ‘antico’ and the Latin word ‘antiquus’, which means ‘ancient and holy’.

Since ancient times, tarot cards have been used for divination and can also prove their sacredness. Divination comes from the word ‘divine’, because it is believed that only sacred things have the power of foreknowledge. Literate Christians often use the “Bible” for divination. Their practice is to open the “Bible” at will, touch certain words and derive prophecies from it. St. Augustine recommended this method to solve the confusion.